Live Music Project Calendar Squad

Epic event-a-thon
There’s nothing like an LMP event-a-thon – except, maybe, an LMP event-a-thon with headbanging…

At the heart of the LMP is a concert calendar, and at the heart of the calendar are concerts! How do they get on the calendar, you ask?

Most concerts are submitted by the performers themselves, but there are always some events that we track down and submit on our own.

The Calendar Squad focuses on “eventing” – submitting event details to the calendar – either solo or in groups.

As a member of the squad, you can contribute from home at any time, or join us for our 4-hour event-a-thon shindigs. We hold them quarterly, and they typically involve laptops, bagels, huge smiles, and good music. (See photo above…)

We request that members of the squad commit to at least 1 hour of eventing per month, or offer to host 1 event-a-thon (we recommend 4 hours to give people time to hang out before/after!).

Sound like fun? We’d love to hear from you! To join the Calendar Squad, please contact with a brief introduction.

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