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Were you moved by a performance? Did it make you feel happy, sad, anything at all? Did it remind you of a special moment, or inspire you to try something new? Leave a note and we’ll pass it on to the artists.

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Here are a few love notes from the audience.

Temperamental: When Miles Met Monteverdi
June 17, 2017

“Wonderful to hear so many talented people at one time! And playing a great variety of music. Thank you, all.”

“The performance was fantastic and I hope you record a CD. The combination of jazz with 17th century music was unique and so well presented, with excellent comments made by the first class musicians. Thank you!”

“The performance was great! Nice ‘storyline’ between the pieces, great skill from each of the members, and enlightening tidbits about theorbos, Italians, and the huge imprint early music and jazz left on modern music <3”

“Very interesting concert, listeners appreciated lots of innovation and experimenting.”

Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra: Rite of Spring
June 3, 2017

“Loved the concert. I didn’t know that the Seattle Phil existed, so going to the concert ended up being a wonderful discovery. I would definitely go again.”

Seattle Music Exchange Project: Music of our Sister Cities
May 11, 2017

“Great idea and great concert. In particular, Knut Vaage’s piece ‘Looking Back’ was incredible, and being able to hear from the composer and to thank him in person was a real highlight.” ~ Rachel Ciprotti

“This piano concert was quite special not only because of the four Seattle sister cities in Europe and Asia, but maybe even more so because of the splendid contemporary piano compositions exquisitely performed.”

Sound of Late: 2,000 Moving Parts
March 11, 2017

“Sound of Late is doing a lot of things really well, especially for such a young group! Great musicians, 1-hour performance, no intermission, and very well curated and narrated. Informative and fun. Casual and intimate. Bravi!”

Seattle Pro Musica: Chichester Psalms
February 26, 2017

“A very fabulous performance in a sacred place… I heard a mini performance a few days ago and decided this was the concert I had to attend. What a wonderful experience!” ~ M.L.

“I am a huge fan of Pro Musica and Karen Thomas’ leadership. As a choral conductor myself, I always appreciate the immense skill, sound, and adventurous literature I know I will always find at a Pro Musica concert. I find great healing and peace, especially in these turbulent times.” ~ C.B.

Skyros Quartet: Beneath the Surface – Love, death, and transformation
February 25, 2017

“We enjoyed the concert so much, especially Ligeti! Your introductions (explanations) before each piece helped us enjoy and understand the pieces more. We were so impressed by your ‘togetherness’ in many ways, too. Thank you!”

Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra: Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 24
January 28, 2017

“I was very excited to have my elderly father visiting and take him to the concert. We are both musicians (pianists) and this was my first concert shared with him as an adult… I am 54, so you can see this is quite rare indeed. We especially enjoyed the piece conducted by the concertmaster and recognized a rare insight of musicality in him. The piece was exquisite, and we had the fortune of sharing our thoughts with him at the coat check… somewhat by surprise, for it was much later after everyone had left the hall!”

‘Needing beautiful music’
January 20, 2017

“Needing beautiful music more than ever, I am going to THREE events, one each day of the weekend. Thank you to all artists and musicians who sustain our spirits.” ~ Ann F. on Inauguration Day

NOCCO: Winter Solstice
December 18, 2016

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening. You are truly talented group of musicians. It was a powerful and heart opening experience. Thank you for all your dedication and sharing such joy.”

Marc Bamuthi Joseph and Daniel Bernard Roumain: Blackbird, FlyTown Music
December 6, 2016

“Your performance was absolutely stunning. Although I am not Haitian, I am the kid of Filipino immigrants. I can relate to growing up in a diaspora, always in between. I really appreciated hearing your truths and duality. Thank you.”

“A sweet, bitter, hopeful reality shower…” ~ Patricia Ann

“This performance was so powerful. As someone who lived in Philly for a few years and worked on programming with Opera Philadelphia, I am really looking forward to your MOVE piece! You all made Town Hall Seattle feel like an intimate gathering and really led the audience along and acknowledged the moments happening in beautiful ways…” ~ Elena Swartz

Love for Brechemin
December 5, 2016

“Thanks for your wonderful service to artists and art lovers. Through your web site, I learned about the Brechemin Auditorium, and it’s one of my favorite venues now.” ~ Val C. in Wallingford

Russian Chamber Music Foundation of Seattle: Autumn Evenings
November 27, 2016

“A wonderful evening of beautiful music that warmed a cold and rainy autumn evening. Thank you for introducing me to the music of Arensky and for teaching me about his significance in the history of music. I thoroughly enjoyed the performances, especially when the viola spent some time in the spotlight with Amber Archibald’s interpretation of the Glazunov!” ~ A.J.

Music, Thanks and Giving: A Benefit Concert of Healing and Love
November 25, 2016

“I left floating on a cloud!”

“Thank you for sharing a precious evening of music and healing. The performances were beautiful – a kind of beautiful that also manifested itself as the power to inspire a unified sense of love and healing upon all of us that attended.” ~ A.J.

Seattle Philharmonic StringsLove Songs
November 20, 2016

“Such a lovely concert! The sound was so rich and full in the church, and the pieces were beautifully and thoughtfully performed.”

MV Presents: John Cage Musicircus
November 19, 2016

“I’m a violinist who is considering moving to Seattle but a little nervous to leave the absolutely thriving new music community of Los Angeles. We were in Seattle the weekend of your Cage concert and decided to check it out, hoping to get a better sense of the new/experimental music scene in Seattle. Seeing the huge community of people enjoying the event and hearing the great performances made me feel better about the possibility of starting a career in Seattle. Congrats on a wonderful event!” ~ Emily Call

“What a wonderful event – bringing together so much of the work by Cage and others. The performances of Lucier’s Silver Streetcar and the mashup of Cage’s 45′ for a Speaker and 27.’ 10.554″ were particular highlights. Enlightened, engaging, and unique realizations of the work. I was visiting from LA and am considering a move to Seattle, so I was thrilled to see such a well-supported experimental music event in Seattle. Please continue!” ~ J. from LA

Cornish Presents: Bora Yoon
November 4, 2016

“Thanks for bringing this impactful, gorgeous collaboration to Seattle! The night will stay with me for a long, long time to come.”

Emerald City Music: Darkness Visible
November 11, 2016

“I almost forgot how emotionally lifted and charged live music can make me feel. Kristin, Tara, Jay, Conor, and Michael reopened my eyes, ears, and heart last night in an up-close and intimate performance of Debussy, Ravel, Dutilleux, Ades, and Britten. Thank you, Emerald City Music, for creating this series and for fostering an open, welcome, community-oriented atmosphere. I can’t wait for the next show!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience that Emerald City Music brings to Seattle. It’s a very different chamber music experience yet it’s most definitely not a novelty. The music is world class and the space is very intimate, and there’s a very community-oriented vibe all around. I loved the music, the thoughtfulness behind each program, being able to meet the amazing musicians, and to share a musical experience with a community of people. Keep doing what you do, ECM!”

Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra: From the New World
October 29, 2016

“Really nice mix of eras and genres; I appreciate getting to hear the less famous pieces together with the old classics. It was also great to see you working with the high school students; that was really effectively done, and they are quite talented.”

“I really enjoyed your concert. My only regret is that I wasn’t aware of the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra before now. Thank you so much for your performance!”

“Love the conductor Adam Stern’s music interpretation! The Roosevelt High School Jazz Band was amazing!”

“It was a FABULOUS concert that my 11 yr old son also said that it was the BEST concert he has seen so far. As a pianist and cellist, it was a wonderful experience as all the pieces were so different and engaging! Thank YOU!!”

Seattle Baroque Orchestra: Tafelmusik
October 29, 2016

“Awesome rare experience!”

Early Music Underground: Bachtoberfest
October 25, 2016

“Amazing job, very excited that the EMU exists!”

Everett Philharmonic Orchestra
October 8, 2016

“Our first event with the Everett Phil was great in every way. Loved the venue, the program, and the musicianship was first rate. Also really loved the conductor’s attitude and passion… and his red socks. Because my partner is hard of hearing we also loved that it was General Admission so we could sit up close to hear (& feel) the performances.”

“Great concert! Love the conductor’s red socks, so stylish! The piano soloist was excellent. Very high quality, very polished performance. Wish it was longer, was sorry to leave.”

Town MusicJosh Roman & Caroline Goulding
October 5, 2016

“Caroline – I can’t believe you are only 23! You were brilliant last night. I hope some day I can reach your level of perfection in my chosen field. Joshua – How did you make the cello sound like it was a bunch of cellos?! Thanks a ton to both of you for making our night :)”

Seattle Chamber Music Society: Poulenc, Beethoven & Brahms
July 30, 2016

“The performances were spectacular. The skill of the musicians was really impressive. On top of that, the stage presence and chemistry of each of the groups was really fascinating to watch. In particular I really enjoyed the way that the string trio played together. It was like watching a very lively and complex conversation.”

Seattle Chamber Music SocietyMozart, Strauss, Britten & Mendelssohn
July 29, 2016

“It was truly inspiring and encouraging to hear such remarkable musicians, especially 25-year-old Benjamin Beilman and Anna Polonsky who played with such intensity and verve Richard Strauss’ violin sonata, a piece which really sounded like a full-fledged concerto. It also sounded like the two had performed together for decades, so impressive was their unity, throwing deftly phrases to each other and catching them with grace, soaring and diving like synchronized divers. And to see James Ehnes humbly turning pages for the pianists in the initial recital was amazing! Yes, he would have made Toby Saks proud by continuing the tradition of bringing the best chamber musicians every year to Seattle. Indeed, because of people like him, this city really has assumed its place among the major American cultural centers. Thanks!”

North Corner Chamber OrchestraChamber Dances
June 4, 2016

“The concert was fantastic. The Dvorak Wind Serenade was passionate and exquisite. The Haydn violin concerto was sublime. And the new piece, Chamber Dances, by Joan Tower was a special treat and an amazing composition. NOCCO exudes talent.”

“Thanks – the concert was awesome! And it really is a treat watching something like the Dvorak in a chamber setting and being able to see the themes bounce around from instrument to instrument. :) Great show, great program, great performers!”

Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra: An Apocalyptic Radiance – Mahler’s ‘Titan’
June 4, 2016

“Great experience. All the artists played their hearts out on that stage. An excellent show!”

Northwest Sinfonietta: Ravel & Strauss
May 13, 2016

“I had not heard this group before and was very impressed with the quality of their music.”

Early Music Guild presents Piffaro: Back Before Bach
April 30, 2016

“What a pleasant way to close out Early Music Guild’s season! It’s a real treat getting to hear the variety of instruments Piffaro plays. I now understand where some of Bach’s inspiration comes from!”

Early Music Underground: Dirty Baroque Dancing
April 19, 2016

“Awesome date night. Thanks so much for the history, humor, and fantastic performance.”

Northwest Sinfonietta: Brahms & Beethoven
April 15, 2016

“Fantastic program last night. Excellent, surprising, beautiful.”

The conductor’s skill and passion was wonderful. His emotion while conducting the Beethoven will be with me for a long time. Everyone was brilliant. The evening was perfect in every way. We loved the free chamber concert as well. We couldn’t have been happier.”

Ensemble Audax: Of Passion and Reason
April 1, 2016

“You all put on a wonderful concert! I loved your programming and particularly enjoyed the variety of instrument combinations you chose for your continuo section. More of that, please :). I also really loved the more obscure works you performed, especially the Anna Bon piece. Lovely stuff.” ~ Thomas Albanese

Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra‘The work of the Archangel Michael’ – Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony
March 26, 2016

“Congratulations on a wonderful concert. Thank you for featuring a lesser-known concerto. Thank you for featuring one of the area’s young talents. Thank you for hosting a family-friendly event.”

Early Music UndergroundSpringtime in the Garden of Aranjuez
March 13, 2016

“Lovely to hear a harpsichord! Great introduction notes to each piece and the pairing to the wine was fabulous.”

Emerald City Music launch concert
February 23, 2016

“Your performance was exquisite. It was an honor to be there. Thank you.”

“What an enchanting evening and incredibly effective launch party, I couldn’t be more excited for the series!”

North Corner Chamber Orchestra: The 3 B’s – with a twist
February 20, 2016

“Loved the intimate experience at The Royal Room, hope to see you play again very soon!”

Seattle Chamber Music Society: Mozart, Dohnányi, Schumann
January 30, 2016

“Over the past 20 years, I’ve been intermittently attending the Seattle Chamber Music Society and have found its concerts of the highest standard, played by the best chamber musicians around the nation. One of the delights is the repartee the musicians also have with the audience, which creates an inclusive and intimate environment. Indeed, the SCMS is one of the highlights – and landmarks – of Seattle’s cultural history.”

Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra: Four Great Composer-Conductors
January 23, 2016

“I’m ashamed to admit that I had never heard of you before a friend invited me to join her at your concert last Saturday. What a treat! Thank you!”

“I loved the concert. I wanted to let them know that it was wonderful. I especially like the conductor’s description of the last work, it made it so much more interesting and understandable.”

North Corner Chamber Orchestra: Heart of Winter
December 13, 2015

“We really like the fun and energy of NOCCO. This concert was an interesting mix of music. The first piece taxed our sophistication, and then the Stravinsky was wonderful. We’re looking forward to hearing more!” ~ Robin & John Knudson

“They were absolutely fantastic and I hadn’t had any clue about this group. The trombonist was outstanding! Would love to hear them again!”

Northwest Sinfonietta: Verdi & Schubert
November 13, 2015

“This best concert I’ve heard since I arrived in Seattle – the tribute to the Paris attacks was the highlight of the night.”


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