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The Live Music Project was created out of a shared love for music, community, and accessible data. We LOVE our volunteers and we would be grateful to have you with us! Join a team to get involved.

Programs & Administration Staff

Shaya Lyon

Shaya Lyon
Founder & executive director

Product lead, UX designer, writer, artist, and casual pianist who loves organizing information. Passionate about collaborative creative processes, Shaya can often be found behind a camera, documenting performers in their natural habitat.

> shaya@livemusicproject.org


Development & Communications Staff

Megan Ihnen
Megan Ihnen
Communications lead

Megan Ihnen is a mezzo-soprano on a mission to change the world through the commissioning, performance, and proliferation of new music. She performs with a number of ensembles across the country and is the creator and main content producer behind The Sybaritic Singer. The act of live performance is integral to Megan’s worldview and fuels her desire to see Live Music Project grow.

> megan@livemusicproject.org
> meganihnen.com


Calendar Staff

Soren Hamm

Soren Hamm
Calendar editor

Soren Hamm is an award-winning classical saxophonist and teacher whose many performances include appearances on KING FM and Performance Today. He is a founding member of Onomatopoeia, a Seattle-based flute/saxophone/French horn trio, and has helped commission the first original repertoire for this combination of instruments. Soren is passionate about new music, chamber ensembles, and music outreach.

> sites.google.com/view/sorenhamm/home

Calendar Squad Volunteers

Jonathan Icasas, Jennifer Wu, Erika Harder, Rachel Ciprotti, Jessi Harvey.


Software Engineering Volunteers

Nick Pozoulakis

Nick Pozoulakis

Programmer by day, cellist by night, Nick likes building things and can’t get enough classical music. Nick joins the team as a web developer to make access to classical music even easier.

> nick@livemusicproject.org


Na Hyung Choi
Software engineer

Geologist-turned-programmer, violinist, and servant to two cats. When let outside, Na Hyung loves to hike, ski, and pick delicious Northwest fruit.



Sam Lyon

Samuel Lyon
Software engineer

Samuel is a software engineer at Google, builder of little programming projects, founder of InTouch, ex-architectural consultant, and former resident of the PRC. He lives in San Francisco, CA.



Additional engineering volunteers: Jack Newton, Kevin Zhou, Matthew Bae, Olaf Minkowicz, Erika Harder, Lucy Yang, Brian Tan, Reina Murooka, Dan Yaniv, Carlos Chapa, Tatiana Racheva, Meryl Dominguez.

Creative Volunteers


Veronica De La Peña

In love with technology, art, history, music. The moving image, the narrative, individual persons’ stories, an instance and a nuance. Born in the heart of Mexico City, Veronica grew up with the influences of an old & modern city that is constantly reinventing itself.



Board of Directors

Kevin Clark

Kevin Clark
President & Treasurer

Kevin Clark is a Senior Product Manager at Pivotal Labs and a leader in technology and philanthropy, having previously served as Director of Platform at New Music USA and as a consultant to the MAP Fund and Creative Capital. Kevin also researches and teaches arts economics and entrepreneurship, and is an active composer.



Sheila Oh

Sheila Oh

Sheila directs the Computer Science Certificate Program at Seattle University. In her “spare” time, she can be found in the violin section of the Seattle Philharmonic, kicking up her heels with Sister Kate Dance Company, and supporting women in technology as a community leader of Anita Borg Institute.



Shaya Lyon



Rachel Ciprotti


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