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We’re Hiring! Tech Lead (Django)

Innovative arts non-profit seeks a full-stack engineer to lead technical development.

Innovative arts non-profit the Live Music Project seeks a full-stack engineer to lead technical development. We are a team of 10 volunteer developers working with a seasoned product manager who is embedded in Seattle’s classical music community. We meet twice per month (currently on Google Meet), supplemented by asynchronous communication. After 4 years of all-volunteer development, we’re now hiring a part-time Tech Lead to build technological expertise into our organizational leadership, support our growing engineering team, and help drive technology decisions throughout the product life cycle. This role is part-time, contract, and 100% remote. Learn more about LMP at

Our ongoing projects serve our mission to increase access to the arts through community-centered technology:

  • The Live Music Project Calendar is the heart of our community. We are working to launch a nation-wide classical music calendar platform that will take the place of the current calendar built on WordPress ( As of October 2020, this is the primary focus of the dev team.
  • Dots is our in-house donation platform for performing arts organizations. It currently supports several live fundraising campaigns with growing interest from within the classical music community. Check it out at
  • Spontaneous Free Tickets is a program that brings classical music to new and under-served audiences. In the 2019-2020 concert season, before concert halls closed due to covid-19, we were scheduled to distribute $45,000 in free (donated) tickets to the Puget Sound community. This program is ripe for automation, and our administrators are eager to use our tech stack to scale SFT to the next level. (This automation project is on hold indefinitely until concert halls reopen.)

Our projects are built on a consistent technology stack:

  • Django (Python) full-stack framework
  • React/Redux for rich user interfaces
  • PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch
  • Docker for development
  • Heroku for infrastructure/deployment
  • Github for source control and code reviews
  • Github Actions for automated testing and continuous integration
  • ZenHub (GitHub plugin) for issue tracking and project management
  • Google Docs and Github wiki for specs and documentation
  • Slack for communication

You have at least:

  • 4+ years software engineering experience
  • 2+ years working with Python and Django, or a strong background with other full-stack frameworks/ORMs (e.g. Ruby on Rails)
  • 2+ years project leadership and/or Scrum management
  • Familiarity with each piece of a 12-factor app (
  • Proficiency with Frontend JS applications (preferably React/Redux)
  • A track record of delivering projects from spec to production
  • Great communication and transparency in technical decision-making

In this role, you will:

  • Collaborate with the product manager to architect and develop new features
  • Drive projects to completion by delegating tasks to engineers
  • Support engineers through the sprint progress, unblocking them when needed
  • Lead biweekly developer meetups
  • Identify gaps in the team so LMP can recruit new contributors
  • Interview and onboard new contributors
  • Work with the product manager to make decisions about scaling our technology infrastructure

Compensation & hours:

  • 5 hrs/week, with the potential for more
  • $40/hr on a contract basis
  • 100% remote

The Live Music project, an equal opportunity employer, strongly encourages applications from people of color. All applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or age.

Please direct inquiries to Interviews will be held on a rolling basis.

Last updated: November 30, 2020

Guidelines for submitting online concerts

Updated April 6, 2021
livestreams welcome

The Live Music Project classical/contemporary classical concert calendar is now listing live and pre-recorded online events taking place anywhere in the world.

We currently only list concerts that have an online viewing option. While we look forward to gathering again in person, we do not currently list in-person concerts. We will resume listing in-person performances in the future.

Please submit your online concerts so that we can get word out to listeners everywhere. This is no longer limited to Seattle/Puget Sound (which has been our focus since 2014). Wherever you are, let’s get your music heard. Details below.

Submit yours here:

Peruse the calendar:

Get the concert listings by email (weekly):

Get notified by email when a livestream/broadcast concert is added to the LMP calendar:


• All online classical/contemporary classical concerts EVERYWHERE are welcome on our calendar – free and paid.
• Please note that we list the events in Seattle-local time (Pacific), so if your event takes place in a different time zone, please adjust the date and time of your event accordingly when you submit the details. For good measure, consider including the date and time in the description as well.
• Will your performance stream live in real time? Add [LIVE] in the title.
• Make sure to include a link to the stream! One of the most common challenges we hear about from listeners is that it’s hard to figure out where to tune in on the day of the concert.
• Include information about where to donate to you/your ensemble, like a Venmo username or Paypal link.
• Include program details in the event description so that we can tag your event and help more people find it!
• Make sure to select the “Livestream/Broadcast” category.
• For venue, choose “Online event” (this should already be the default)

All online events will appear on this page:

Cheers to you, wonderful music-makers and music-lovers!

~ Team LMP

LMP volunteer openings – January 2020

Hello, and happy 2020!

Here are the latest volunteer openings at the Live Music Project. Come join us:

Software Engineer

LMP leverages community-centered technology to improve arts access for all. We’re seeking a few volunteer full-stack engineers who are interested in contributing to LMP’s concert calendar infrastructure and Dots community fundraising tool. Join a small team of devs passionate about tech-for-good as we grow the team to match the scale of our technology. We meet in person every other week, supplemented by asynchronous communication on Slack and GitHub. Learn more about our current projects and technology stack here.

Calendar Editor

Have you ever wondered how concerts get onto the LMP website? Some are submitted by arts organizations, and others are found and submitted by our volunteer Calendar Squad. Bring a laptop and join the team every other Monday from 6pm-9pm at Otter Bar & Burger in Eastlake, Seattle. More details & scheduling info here!

Flyer Distributor

LMP has been working to build awareness of free concerts in neighborhoods with a high percentage of families experiencing poverty or income instability. We’re looking for volunteers to place small informational flyers in high-traffic community hubs like cafes, libraries, and community centers. We’ll provide the flyers and a list of destinations, and we need a happy helper like you to help with distribution. If this is up your alley, please email to let us know you’d like to lend a hand.

Online Researcher

Can we put your research skills to good use? Live Music Project is looking for a volunteer researcher to compile a list of local businesses that offer donations of food and services to nonprofits in the area. These donations will help fuel LMP volunteer activities with snacks! We’ll provide guidelines to get you started, you can research from the comfort of your own computer, and timing is flexible. Do you accept this mission? Email!

Mystery Skilled Wizard

Is there a skill or service you’d just LOVE to use for good? Let’s make that happen. Email with the secret code (“wizardy bizardy”) and we’ll get on it.

Cheers for now, and see you soon!

The wild and wacky LMP Calendar Squad hard at work.
The wild and wacky LMP Calendar Squad hard at work this week at Otter Bar & Burger in Eastlake.

Announcing LMP’s Giving Tuesday Fundraising Campaign…


Underwrite the next 10,000 events on the Live Music Project Calendar!

Benefiting over 2,000 Seattle & Puget Sound
performers and organizations and more than 200,000 classical music explorers in our region.

We’re putting our own spin on Giving Tuesday with Underwrite the Next 10,000, a special campaign that impacts thousands of musicians, arts administrators, and listeners this holiday season and beyond. We were thrilled to publish the 10,000th concert on our Live Music Project calendar this summer, and we’re passionate about making sure that the calendar continues to be a vital resource for our community. Will you help us underwrite the next 10,000 concert listings?

3 Ways You Can Get Involved on December 3:
  1. Become a 10K Concert Club member when you schedule a $10 monthly recurring donation.
  2. Share our Facebook fundraiser with family and friends.
  3. A picture is worth a whole lot more than a thousand words on Giving Tuesday. Post an #unselfie telling your friends why you support us and use the hashtag #LMPlove. (An unselfie is just like a selfie, but with a generous twist. Take a photo of yourself holding a sign that tells your friends who you’re supporting for #GivingTuesday and why.)

#ExtraCredit: Would you like to help us build momentum before December 3? If you seed the campaign with a donation now, it is scientifically proven that the campaign will be more successful on Giving Tuesday. #ScienceRocks!

Donate on Facebook

Donate on

Share the love! Here are a few posts you can share on social media to support the Live Music Project:
    • “I’ll be giving back on #GivingTuesday by supporting Live Music Project. How will you give?”
    • “Hi everyone! This #GivingTuesday I want to share one of my favorite organizations, Live Music Project, because they do amazing work! Learn more how to support the LMP calendar here:
    • “We all have the capacity to give. From paying for someone’s concert ticket to volunteering during a Calendar Squad meetup, billions of small, thoughtful actions, can create massive, global impact. Join me in participating in #GivingTuesday today!”
    • “What if everyone around the world gave together on one day? I’m giving back today. #GivingTuesday”
    • “On #GivingTuesday today, find the thing that stirs your soul and give voice to that cause. I stand for Live Music Project. Will you join me?”

Here are our social media accounts and hashtags:
Facebook/Instagram – @LiveMusicProject
Twitter – @LiveMusicProj

Stay in the loop on all the exciting happenings at Live Music Project by keeping tabs on our Facebook page.

With love and appreciation,
Shaya, Megan, and Team LMP

Dots release notes 11/7/19: Apple Pay & Google Pay

We rolled out new Dots features and updates yesterday, including new payment methods for mobile devices. iPhone-slinging philanthropists can now contribute to a campaign in one swift thumby motion. Android humans can slickly send donations with Google Pay. You can see it in action at


  • Added – Support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay
  • Updated – Force all Dots URLs to use HTTPS
  • Updated – Require donor name and email when donating
  • Fixed – Show apostrophes in email content


Stripe support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay

New payment methods:

  • Apple Pay: Available in Safari on Apple devices that have Touch ID (desktop and mobile).
  • Google Pay: In Chrome Mobile for Android, use an existing payment method or scan a new card. In the Chrome browser on a Mac or PC, Google Pay will be available if you have saved payment methods in your Chrome browser.
  • Microsoft Pay: Available on Edge for Windows.

You can read more about Stripe mobile pay documentation here:

Dr. Ima Sousaphone donates in Safari with Apple Pay.
Dr. Ima Sousaphone donates in Safari with Apple Pay.
Force all Dots URLs to use HTTPS

HTTP Dots URLs now route to HTTPS.

Require donor name and email when donating

Donors who submit a donation without a name and an email address will be asked to supply the missing information in order to complete the transaction. (They may continue to donate anonymously, as before, by unchecking the “Show my name in the list of donors” box on the form.)

Show apostrophes in email content

Certain punctuation characters were displaying messily in email content. These characters will now look awesome.

That’s it for now. Have a great day!

The Dots team @ LMP

Pun of the day:

Why do melons have weddings?
Because they cantaloupe.

(Thanks to @mezzoihnen for sending this pun!)

[From the Director] Help Me Obliterate Barriers to Classical Music

About 5 years ago, I started working on a data idea, the Live Music Project, aggregating classical concert listings in Seattle. I fell in love with this community and the collaborative work that is music-making, from the first moments of “Will you write a piece for these instruments?” to hearing that music come to life on stage, and all the  rehearsal magic in between.

(In one of my favorite rehearsal moments, the clever, sweet-toothed students of the Seattle Collaborative Orchestra solved a syncopation challenge by singing a tricky segment of an orchestral piece to the words “Where’s my candy corn” as they perused the snack table around Halloween time.)

I’m proud of what LMP has become. With the help of hundreds of contributors – volunteers, community partners, donors, board members, friends, artists, arts administrators, coffee makers, idea-bouncer-offers – LMP has listed 8,000 concerts, distributed $60,000 in free concert tickets to local communities, and launched a fundraising tool to the public. We’re hiring our first staff. We’re hard at work building a national-scale calendar. We’re learning from the last 5 years and thinking about the next 20.

Photo Credit: Shaya Lyon

Since starting LMP, one of the most important things I’ve learned about running a non-profit is this:

Your passion for the work must be greater than your fear of asking.

Otherwise, you undermine the very work you are doing, and what would be the point of that?

So I’ll end this post with an inevitable, brave, game-changing fundraising request:

Whether you’re hearing about the Live Music Project for the first time, or whether you’ve been involved since its earliest beginnings; whether you love music or data or you just want to be a part of something that is good and useful; if you’re passionate about obliterating barriers to the arts, as I am – please join me in my quest to make the Live Music Project even more astounding and awesome for even more people.

Photo Credit: Shaya Lyon

Here’s how you can help, either as a one-off, or on a recurring basis:

  • Obliterate the ticket price barrier. Of the 8,000+ concerts that have been listed on the LMP calendar, more than 2,000 were free. Each month, we print and distribute a flyer that is devoted to free concerts. You can cover the cost of this flyer with a donation of $10/month. 
  • Obliterate the familiarity barrier. Risk keeps people from trying new things. LMP offers a free ticket lottery, encouraging audiences to take a chance on unfamiliar ensembles, programming, and venues. We announce these giveaways using an email service. You can cover the cost of the email service with a donation of $25/month. 
  • Obliterate the knowledge barrier. There have been 22 performances of Dvořák’s New World Symphony since the calendar launched; 44 tuba-centric concerts (yes, I will always hype the tuba); 87 Messiahs; and an obscene number of Nutcrackers (150, danced and non-). 35 concerts took place on December 8 alone. The LMP website makes all of these concerts easy to find and easier to sort through. It did that for 60,000 people in 2018. For $100, you can cover our website hosting for a year.


I love what we’re doing in the arts community. There’s so much good yet to come. Let’s make it happen!



Live Music Project Means Community || Let’s Celebrate!

Giving Tuesday 2018 with Live Music Project

Dear Live Music Project Friends,

Our goal at Live Music Project is to connect people with live classical music in a way that strengthens community, celebrates listener agency, and amplifies the resources of local arts organizations. Which means, Live Music Project is about you, our community. We measure our success by seeing how many people interact with Live Music Project online. In the last year, more than 60,000 people visited to find events and learn more about our community. We also measure our success by how many tickets we give away each year with our Spontaneous Free Tickets program. In the 2017-2018 season, we distributed 800 tickets worth $20,000 to eager listeners – for free. We feel the most successful, though, when we see the smiles on your faces or hear about your positive experiences at classical music events across Seattle.

We have so much to be thankful for throughout the season. We are particularly grateful for how you give your time, energy, and resources to support this community. Volunteers make our world go ’round – in our most recent Fall event-a-thon, our volunteer Calendar Squad prepared more than 150 concerts for the coming season. Your support directly helps increase arts access, arts audiences, and arts community. If you would like to reaffirm your commitment to Live Music Project as a volunteer or with a donation, we would be thrilled.

Now, it’s time to have a little social media party!! Whether you are near or far, please join us in celebrating Giving Tuesday. Visit our Facebook or Instagram as we highlight our favorite aspect of Live Music Project: OUR COMMUNITY!

With gratitude,

Finally, #GivingTuesday is so much more than one day in November. Year-round, our programs connect people with live classical music in a way that strengthens community, celebrates listener agency, and amplifies local arts resources. We hope you’ll support our efforts to maximize the reach of these artists and their beautiful, important work.

Welcome, Megan Ihnen!

Megan Ihnen
Mezzo-soprano Megan Ihnen.

Exciting news! Live Music Project is growing and we are happy to bring Megan Ihnen on board to help with communications. Keep an eye out for her name on our regular emails!

Megan comes to us with a passion for classical and new music, creative placemaking, and coffee. With more than 10 years of experience in arts administration and communications/marketing, Megan is cut from our cloth when it comes to shared love for music, community, and accessible data. We’re so excited to be working with you, Megan – welcome!

(P.S… Please feel free to drop Megan a line and say “hello” at!)

Seattle Auditions, Arts Jobs, & Announcements: July 2018

Welcome to our monthly digest of Seattle-area music admin job openings, auditions, calls for scores, competitions, grant deadlines, new programs, performer-composer happy hours, and more. Subscribe here.


Send us your news! We invite you to submit announcements for inclusion in this list by the 25th of each month.

Auditions, jobs, announcements

  • Music Center of the Northwest, a non-profit community music school, seeks an executive director.
  • Northwest Folklife seeks a programs coordinator to work closely with many cultural communities and performers.
  • Seattle Opera is accepting applications for the audience services lead representative; technical director; senior communications manager; stewardship and events associate; and direct sales & telefunding representative.
  • KING FM seeks a development coordinator.
  • The Seattle Symphony is accepting applications for the following positions: senior manager of creative projects & community engagement; annual fund coordinator, and part-time ticket services associate.
  • Music of Remembrance seeks a full-time, paid development associate starting immediately.
  • Town Hall Seattle seeks an institutional giving manager.
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet is hiring for the following positions: Children’s Division teacher (part time); master carpenter; school accompanist; DCM sales representative; and certified pilates instructor.
  • Bremerton Youth Symphony is hiring a music director; director; and stage assistant.
  • City Arts is hiring a marketing and communications specialist
    (temporary position).
  • West Seattle Community Orchestras (WSCO) is in search of its next Symphony Orchestra conductor.
  • Seattle Festival Orchestra, a community orchestra of experienced musicians, announces auditions for the position of concertmaster.
  • The Seattle Choral Company is holding auditions through the summer.
  • Seattle Pro Musica holds auditions for all voice parts in August.
  • Northwest Boychoir is looking for boys ages 6-9 for fall enrollment; no prior musical training required, just musical aptitude and enjoyment of music.
  • Northwest Mahler Festival is seeking musicians: strings, winds, percussion, and harp.
  • Cascade Symphony has openings for principal trombone, principal cello, and principal 2nd violin, with auditions on July 23rd.
  • Ensign Symphony & Chorus is seeking to fill the following symphony personnel positions: string bass, section horn, section trumpet, all other section strings, and sub positions for all instrumental positions.
  • Seattle Festival Orchestra seeks community musicians for principal oboe, principal trumpet, section trumpet, and strings for the 2018-19 season.
  • Seattle Wind Symphony is holding auditions for oboe / clarinet / bari sax / string bass for regular membership (and ongoing sub-list positions).
  • Bremerton Symphony Orchestra will hold auditions for local and regional musicians with experience on August 30.
  • Gallery Concerts classical chamber music non-profit organization seeks board members.
  • Thalia Allied Artists Music Library seeks a rental space for its large collection of scores and parts.
  • 4Culture provides a financial incentive to book roster performers; sign up for the 4Culture Touring Arts Roster and check out the Presenter Incentive Program.

Notable deadlines

Media calendar deadlines

  • Seattle Magazine – submit events 3 months ahead for the print calendar
  • City Arts – to submit to Current or the print calendar, send event details to
  • Seattle Times – submit 14 days ahead for consideration in the curated classical listings (online & print)
  • The Stranger – submit any time to the online “Things to Do” calendar; for the quarterly Seattle Art & Performancesubmit at least 5 weeks before the start of the quarter in which the event will take place
  • Seattle Met – submit 2-4 weeks ahead of event for the online calendar
  • Live Music Project – submit 1 week prior to performance date; deadline for weekend email listings is Mondays @ 5pm

To receive community announcements by email, subscribe to our newsletter.

We invite you to submit announcements/deadlines for inclusion in this newsletter by the 25th of each month. You can do that here.

Past issues are located in the archive.