LMP Full-Stack Developer Volunteer Opportunities

LMP software engineering interns Jeff, Maddie, and Hailey at Seattle University.

The Live Music Project – Seattle’s calendar for classical and contemporary music performances – is looking for JavaScript and Python savvy volunteers to work with our Web Development team as we grow our Seattle programs and prepare to launch a nationwide calendar in early 2018.

Join us as we rebuild our site to make event data easier to discover and explore!

We are open to a range of experience levels. Ideally, you have some experience building software in a team-based environment. The ideal contributor has familiarity with full-stack frameworks like Django, as well as JavaScript applications that consume REST APIs.

We’re looking for volunteers (local and remote) for October through December with the possibility of staying involved when the new site goes live. If interested, please contact us at dev@livemusicproject.org with a brief introduction. As a volunteer, we ask that you are prepared to devote at least 5 hours per week, or take on a specific feature for a one-off contribution.

Would be awesome:

  • You’ve used Git for source control
  • You know HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Python
  • You’ve built software on a team

Would be REALLY awesome:

  • You have a history of contributing to projects on Github (open- or closed-source)
  • You understand full-stack frameworks like Django
  • You are familiar with Relational Databases (PostgreSQL) and ORMs
  • You know how to build and consume REST APIs (Django REST Framework)
  • You can design websites for Search Engine Optimization
  • You’ve built responsive web applications with AngularJS
  • You test your code and have experience with continuous integration

We are a small organization that relies on volunteers to have a BIG impact. As a volunteer, your contributions will reach thousands of people each month – from young kids to retirees – and help them find music they love.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you. Please contact dev@livemusicproject.org with a brief introduction.

Updated: October 9, 2017

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