LMP Mission & Values


Our mission is to connect people with live classical music experiences in a way that strengthens community, celebrates listener agency, and amplifies local arts resources.


  • We’re community-centered. Acting with the community’s needs in mind, and working to foster community, is why the LMP works.
  • We’re building a community. Strengthening the sense of community among local ensembles, building new ties among volunteers and listeners, audience cross-pollination, outward presentation of Seattle as a strong new-music community.
  • Build awareness. Tell the story of how the music we hear is made and produced, shed light on the collaborative aspects of music-making (eg, open rehearsals, documenting backstage logistics, behind-the-scenes orchestra coverage). Reach audiences, fill seats.
  • Honor listener agency. Respect the listener’s aesthetic preferences. Don’t feed the listener a culture vitamin, but rather respect their musical interests – composer, period, instrument, ensemble – by giving them a way to pursue those interests specifically.
  • Encourage an atmosphere of resource-sharing within the community. LMP activities support an economy of resource-sharing, rather than competition. Resources may include information, instruments, rehearsal space, free tickets, etc.
  • Support arts organizations, amplify community music resources. We extend arts organizations’ existing resources by providing a platform for composers, performers, and performing arts organizations to promote and sustain their work, increase their visibility in the community, and improve audience access to live music. We will provide educational resources to help musicians and orchestra staff use tools to accomplish day-to-day tasks like volunteer management, search engine optimization, and event planning as efficiently as possible.
  • Egalitarian display of and access to information. Concert information is displayed with clarity and dignity, regardless of ensemble’s budget or knowledge of technology/design/marketing. Listeners have straightforward, user-friendly access to performance information that is often available on or offline, but not always discoverable.
  • Mission-driven tech. The technology serves the mission, and will adapt to it as needed.
  • General values. For us to succeed, we AND our community need to embrace these values:
    • Sharing (information, other resources)
    • Collaborative (not competitive)
    • Helpful (go the extra mile)
    • Useful
    • Actionable
    • Unbiased
    • Egalitarian

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