From Our Community

Our audience has described the LMP as…

    • “Simple and elegant. Effortless and visceral. Immediate. As elemental as experiencing live music.”
    • “Refreshing. Without pressure or agenda, I could pursue. I get to explore, unfettered. No sense of judgment. The discovery and exploration are part of the performance.”
    • “When you see a trailhead, you can’t help but explore. LMP is the trailhead, the overture of the experience. It was clear that it was for me. It’s my hike.”
    • “There’s not an overly editorial point of view.”
    • “LMP connects people to performance in the most elemental way.”
    • “… respects my aesthetic preference, instead of telling me I should consume classical music because it’s culture.”
    • “… helps people find music they love and are enriched by, but couldn’t have found otherwise.”“I have been on this site now 20 minutes – suppose to be practicing – but well worth it. The calendar renews my gratitude for the musical scene in Seattle – every Friday.”
    • “…impressive, professional and easy to use.”
    • “…a community that has found itself again. The Seattle region houses approximately 150+ orchestras and smaller ensembles who are constantly performing, yet, the information about their concerts was not easily accessible. Thanks to the LMP, the general public can now make a connection to a live experience.”
    • “… a vision steeped in collaboration of resources”
    • “… helps develop an appreciation for some of the challenges and the tremendous amount of work needed to produce these performances, and helps establish a sense of community among Seattle music organizations. Helped us grow our network…”
    • “We have been doing some extra work with google analytics recently and learned that livemusicproject has been giving us a lot of page “referrals” (meaning a lot of people are getting to our website through the livemusicproject page). Thanks for your work!”
    • “… I sincerely appreciate what you’ve created with Live Music Project. It’s so nice to have access to such a comprehensive list of local events. Were it not for LMP, there are many smaller local events that I’d remain completely oblivious to. Also, thanks to your diligence in acquiring donations, you’ve provided Puget Sound residents with a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the arts. I was fortunate to be raised with an appreciation of the arts, but as you’ve identified in the ‘about’ section of the LMP website, resources can be limiting (especially for luxury items such as performances).”
    • “I absolutely love the site. I’ve been looking for a ‘one stop shop’ for all possible classical concerts for awhile. It’s easy to hear about [orchestra] concerts at $100/ticket, but easier to miss those lower profile shows that I can actually afford.”
    • “We had a couple show up to our house concert because of LMP!! They had no relationship with anyone involved but they love your website and use it often. I just think that is so cool.”
    • “The Live Music Project has not only constructed a site that is by music lovers for music lovers, they have also helped introduce our orchestra to other ensembles, helping grow and unify the community network of musicians and even audiences within the Seattle ensembles. As a community orchestra, the community aspect that they have helped developed this season alone has been tremendously helpful and meaningful to us.”
    • “Scrupulously objective… represents with utmost fairness and depth the entirety of this vital aspect of our cultural life.”
    • “Little have we known what treasures are to be found in the classical music life of Greater Seattle. The LMP calendars this chest of treasures, further whetting our musical appetites through comments about the composers, by taking us behind the scenes into rehearsals and rehearsal spaces, and by adding unique photography of the music and musicians. LMP has made our classical music scene come alive.”
    • “Whoa that site is SO neat! It’s actually exactly what I’ve been looking for. I was just thinking the other day how someone should put something like that together, and viola, it actually exists. Really awesome! I signed up for some of their email lists too. I’d love to meet some of the folks who created it! Seem like my sort of people.”
    • “Favorite encounter of the night: an approximately 6yo violinist with his devoted dad, who told us that he found tonight’s concert on the LMP. :)”
    • “An incredible contribution to Seattle’s cultural landscape. As an active performing musician on stage as well as a regular member in the audiences of the Seattle area since 1979, I can’t overemphasize what a valuable resource the Live Music Project has provided for community members – on both sides of the concert stage.”
    • “As a musician, it’s so refreshing to see a website that clearly showcases who you are. It’s like I’m holding the actual concert program in front of me.” 
    • “Thank you for doing something that makes the world look a bit more like the world as I hope it can be…”

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