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Concert Listings

Find music you love! At the heart of the Live Music Project is a calendar of classical and contemporary concerts in Seattle and Puget Sound, from student orchestras to the Seattle Symphony.

Through the calendar, you can explore the music of 1,000 musicians and ensembles, including dozens of free concerts, kid-friendly performances, and premieres. Search for your favorite composer, browse by instrument, or just dive in.

You can also get our weekly concert listings and monthly list of free concerts direct to your inbox.

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Spontaneous Free Tickets

Explore the local music scene for free!The LMP Spontaneous Free Tickets program is an informal way for organizations to reach out to listeners and build audiences.

Tickets are donated by local performing arts organizations, and ticket recipients are selected at random a few days to a week before each performance. After each concert, winners fill out a feedback survey in which they can request to join the ensemble’s mailing list and/or send them a note.

The listeners are responsive and their notes are inspiring. This program introduces listeners to works and ensembles they may not be familiar with, and helps grow the audience-performer relationship in a way that is both meaningful and lasting.

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An interactive, lightweight fundraising tool for arts ensembles. Dots is designed to be an easy-to-manage fundraising tool for arts ensembles that do not have experience with fundraising. Dots is ideal for orchestras, chamber orchestras, and choral groups.

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Community newsletter

A monthly compilation of arts job openings, auditions, announcements from the community, and information about noteworthy media and grant deadlines. Deadline for submissions is the 25th of each month.

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Composer Alerts

Choose your favorite composers, works and genres. LMP elves will send you an email when a matching performance is added to the calendar.

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New Music Flyer

Each month during the concert season, we team up with KING FM’s new music station, Second inversion, to produce a flyer that lists the contemporary classical performances in Seattle, Tacoma, and the East Side.

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New Music Happy Hour

Hang out with musicians, new music enthusiasts, non-musicians, and curious bystanders as we come together to share ideas, create connections, and strengthen Seattle’s growing network of artists and musicians! We host NMHH monthly together with Second Inversion.

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Love Notes for Artists

Did you love a performance? Did it move you, make you feel happy, sad, anything at all? Did it remind you of a special moment, or inspire you to try something new? Leave a note and we’ll pass it on to the artists.

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Volunteer Program

We are a small organization that relies on volunteers to have a BIG impact. As an intern or volunteer, your work will reach thousands of people each month – from young kids to retirees – and help them find music they love. Join our Calendar Squad or dev team!

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Daily Funder

A unique approach to fundraising. In the spirit of incremental and iterative process, we are seeking a single $25 donation per day. One $25 donation, once a year. Will you be today’s funder?

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