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Team LMP

LMP 10K Concert Club
Rachel Ciprotti
Alice Cunningham
Erin Jorgensen
Shaya Bendix Lyon
Matthew Weiss

2018-2019 Donors
Karin Brookes
Denny Chiu
Mike Holzinger
Sheila Oh
John Reale
Karin Stevens Dance
David Wachter
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2018-2019 Volunteers
Brian Armbrust
Myra Bicknell
Sandra Bilbrey
Galen Broderick
Danielle Buonaiuto
Courtney Campbell
Rachel Ciprotti
Veronica De La Peña
Bronson Foster
Rose Gear
Jon Icasas
Jack Newton
Nick Pozoulakis
Eric Raub
Jess Testa
Donna Thomas
Jen St.
Betsey West
John West
Jennifer Wu

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Seattle Office of Arts and Culture


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